The coldest Night i ever knew
Was standing in the rain with you
Hardened hearts refuse to see
This empty soul who sings for me
Songs of sadness, in his own words
Ignored by all, who feeds the birds
And so they quickly pass him by
With fleeting glance, …. unwelcomed eye
The longest night i ever knew
Was standing in the snow with you
The fractals of a broken life
Two children and a loving wife
And how addiction came to stay
The thief, that stole his life away
And nothings changed, and nothing will
Stagnant time, ….. standing still
His mind was torn apart
By a war, fought in our name
So many die on frozen streets
Don’t make him do the same
(oh it’s just insane)
This city has no love to share
Nottt many people seem to care
But yes, there are those special few
Whose deeds and love come shining through
The ones who feed the ones unknown
That really care, for those alone
That ease the pain of homeless plight
And warm, the coldest, longest night
The saddest night i ever knew
Was when they said your life is through
The stars seemed brighter through my tears
Your songs now linger in my ears
For some the worlds a broken place
It leaves its mark upon your face
Deep emotions, from homeless words
Ignored by those, who feed the birds.