Cernunnos Rising aka, George Nicholas was born in 1955 in Walton Liverpool, England. It was apparent from an early age that George was blessed with artistic and musical gifts, and a very fertile imagination that he used to create unusual and fabulous paintings, drawings and sculptures.
In his turbulent younger years, George found himself fully engaged in sports and concentrated on boxing in particular that proved to be a useful means of fitness and self defense on the tough streets of Liverpool.
George’s career has been varied over the years, from display artist, sign-writer, sculpturist, cartoonist and publisher, inventor, actor, singer songwriter, security boss, American firefighter and paramedic, community arts champion, and founder of the Art For Their Sake charity. 
George was also a Guinness world record holder for the worlds longest mural. He also created the famous children’s toy concept “The Werebears” he also published and produced his own successful comics. He also created the cheeky Liverpool Scouse Mouse character and produced the syndicated cartoon strip, fun books and comics.
Despite his very busy and productive life, George has ran and organized the Art For Their Sake charity creating a vast array of large scale, vibrant mural projects in special needs schools, hospices, and hospitals etc throughout the UK for nearly 40 years. He also designs and builds special, unique, interactive, tactile, and fibre-optic illuminated murals within these institutions. He still is to this day engaged fully in this charity work that greatly improves environments for the sick, disabled, disadvantaged, and terminally ill. 
His other charitable endeavors right now includes supporting the “tree Bee Society C.I.C”   and has donated free use of his land to house many colonies of rescued bees, and is currently trying to produce cheap, flat pack beehives for those who wish to help in a similar way.
George is also passionate about trying to help the homeless people and organizations that are geared up for supporting these vulnerable folk. At present he is trying to establish a means of feeding the homeless by way of setting up street kitchens in the Merseyside area.
George has always been drawn to the magic and mystical elements of nature, and intuitively was fascinated by the interconnection and balance of all things therein. 
This has been the deep inspiration behind his poetry and songwriting, leading to his very own unique sound and style that reminds us of our own hunger to be connected fully with the sacredness of life and that we live in a great story that is taking us on an ever unfolding journey.
In just a few years the music of Cernunnos Rising is accumulating a loyal, global following and these unique songs of man, myth and magic, seasons and soul, and powerful ecological reminders have the seeds of a deep truth that resonates within all of us.
Now on his 5th album of totally original songs George will continue to grow and evolve on his creative journey and remain prolific in his endeavor to “create” within the world of music, art and the realms of the imagination.