I listen as the logs burn to the sound of the winters call

Farwell the golden summer, as I watch the red leaves fall

Nights are getting colder, darkness now ensues

Sap returns below the earth, the leaves are changing hues…. again



Fallen fruit embrace the ground, the pine logs burning bright

Ivy thrives again once more, reaching for the light

In this nemeton of ancient trees, i search for answers deep

Behind i leave the mundane world, with the wisdom i shall keep… forever


I’m lost within the embers, as the moon lights up the night

Bed of leaves around me i await the morning light

It’s a time of deep reflection, my future thought to spend

Though all around is dying, i know it’s not the end


This year has turned to autumn, the sun is on the wane

Night and day are equal now, the dark is soon to reign

Earth prepares to sleep once more, as winter months unfold

The songs and stories of the land, again must be retold



Forest mists surround me, on the breeze the old ones call

Autumns spell enchants me, there is magic in the fall

A sacred place i will prepare, with boughs of evergreen

And sit alone and contemplate, on those that can’t be seen


A wise old woman said to me, whilst sitting neath and old oak tree

Catch a leaf that spirals down, be it rust, or golden brown

Then make a wish, hope not in vain, then let it go, to fall again

And grant your wish of what you yearn, back to the earth it shall return


So sleep with me now Autumn, beneath your diamond skies

And let your golden harvest moon, shimmer in my eyes

The wheel of the year turns once more, soon flowers will beauty bring

New trees shall greet the forest, and birds will herald spring… again