If I could buy a little dream, and make that dream come true
I’d protect the honey bee, from all the things we do
I’d watch them in the meadow clover, and every blossom tree
Creating from the flowers chalice, a magic alchemy
Oh Oh woe is me….. Crying for the honey bee
Too comfortable to listen, Too cool to even care
You better choose, you’re going to lose, a friend beyond compare,
Empty like a broken dam, Hearts that hold no love
We cannot hear the angels cry, their message from above
Oh oh woe is me….Crying for the honey bee
So love will melt to memory, and pain will blend to song
That’s how we’ll all remember, our tragic, fatal, wrong
Gone from sight the final bee, Twilight calling, you are free
Stranded orchard, empty skies, Oh how we’ll mourn with tearful eyes
Oh oh woe is me…….. Crying for the honey bee
Beneath the scented blossom trees, I hear the song of golden bees
It tells me we should really care, for in their fate we will share
Nature gives no punishment, she offers no reward
There are only consequences, of living by the sword
Oh oh woe is me….. Crying for the honey bee