Stories told till break of dawn

Amidst the oak, the ash and thorn

Raise our glass to you we drink

For time moves faster than we think

For time moves faster than we think

A quest in life to be complete

Now many lessons obsolete

Now learn the language of the soul

Oh Restless spirit

Restless spirit becoming whole

Going home

Most silent man i ever met

What you see is what you get

Inspiration deepest well

A thousand stories yet to tell

A thousand stories yet to tell

He’s been before, he’ll come again

He never did once complain

A soul just trying to get it right

Within his time

Within his time, before twilight


Listen to the journeyman

As logs are burning bright

For he will have the answer

To soothe your darkest night

Yes listen to this restless soul

For he will know the way

Through deep and darkened forest

To golden dawns bright new day

Bright new day

Footprints on a northern shore

Hunters old, that’s gone before

He walked the trail on shifting sands

Connecting with

Connecting with ancestral lands

He took a hike to Borrowdale

To see the tree from old folk tale

A sacred Yew, a special tree

A pen to make

A pen to make just for me

And my poetry

Remember I’m the journeyman

I always did the best I can

To put a smile upon your face

And make your world

And make your world a better place

Better place.

(Repeat Chorus)

One step to start a journey

One star guides those at sea

One life can make a difference

Oh that’s what you said

That’s what you said to me

To me

I’ve been before I’ll come again

A falling leaf, a drop of rain

Be back again one sunny day

Now twilight calls

Twilight calls I’m on my way

I’m on my way

I’m on my way

On my way