Brighten my soul with the colours of autumn,
Watch red leaves fall and die,
I feel the heartbeat of harvest As the journeying geese pass us by.
This threshold time, by harvest fire,
Hold the candle burning,
I greet you in my shrine of heart,
I greet the autumn turning.
Lady of land, lord of forest,
Autumn splendor, shine,
In fruit and grain, you manifest,
In essence of bread and wine.
Green lord of glory, harvest flavor,
Cut down, and now as beer,
And goddess of the grain and bread we’re calling,
Our feed through darkened year.
Seed fallow fields in my life,
May I grow and ripen with you,
Give thanks this tale of abundance,
And bless all of those with few.
I cherish the lessons you show me,
May the gift of giving be mine,
And the deep well of love, spring forth in my life, And with this let my soul and heart shine.