No room for dreams, in a head full of fears
And nothing is clear, with eyes full of tears
The angry heart, Is like a stormy sea
So dangerous and ruthless, like a fire to a tree
Your Soul must be free, like a bird on the wing
It’s light to shine, its song to sing
Its love to share, its gifts to give
Its journey’s long, with dreams to live
Your soul must be free
Don’t let someone close the door to your heart
Or change your mind from all you are apart
What would the child you once were think of you today?
If you were lost without a cause
Without a voice to say
Always speak your mind with full intention
Regret stays forever when you don’t mention
Say it loud and say it proud
Don’t hide your light behind a cloud
Always speak your mind, with full intention
Why is it broken souls, Try to fix others
Yet politicians only have the time, to help brothers
A rich old heart can hide beneath, a poor man’s coat
Yet stolen is our faith and trust,
The man who got the vote
You walk your path and do not stray
Your heart and soul will guide your way
The choice is yours and yours alone
So take the sword, from the stone
You must walk your path
And do not stray